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Earth Ground Resistance Tester
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Earth Ground Resistance Tester

Innovative multifunction Earth Ground Resistance and Earth Resistivity tester with Touch-screen display

MACROTEST G1 is an innovative multifunction installation tester capable of carrying out safety tests on civil and industrial electric systems in compliance with IEC / EN61557-1. Its resistive TFT color touch-screen display, its icon menu, its help-on-line and its user-friendly development make the instrument extremely intuitive even for unskilled users. Its numberless features grant the user a wide range of applications in the world of measurements. The multifunction installation tester MACROTEST G2 allows saving all measures into an internal memory so transferring the saved data to a PC by means of USB ( provided as standard ) or built in Wi-Fi interfaces with an iOS and Android smartphones or tablets .The software supplied among standard accessories allows printing testing reports.The multifunction installation tester MACROTESTG1 has as Optional clamp T2100 permits to quickly check the resistance of earth probes without disconnection from earth system.


•  Earth resistance and soil resistivity with 2 / 3 / 4 pole method
•  Stackless earth ground resistance ( with T2100 optional accessory )
•  Power Analysis, Harmonic analysis up to 25th
•  Continuity of protection conductors with 200mA
•  Built-in WiFi interface to connect to iOS and Android devices
•  USB interface to connect to the PC
•  Color touch-screen display
•  Help on-line
•  Internal memory and Cloud Storage ( trough iOS or Android device )
•  Rechargeable NiMH batteries ( external battery charger )


• PT400 : Touch pen
• KITGSC5 : Set 4 cables + 4 alligator clips + 2 test leads
• KITTERRNE : Set 4 cables + 4 metal probes
• TOPVIEW2006 : Windows software + optical/USB cable C2006
• YABAT0003000 : NiMH rechargeable battery, type AA, 1.2V
• BORSA2051 : Soft carrying bag

• PR400 : Remote lead per activation test
• HT96U : Rigid clamp 1-100-1000A AC, diameter 54mm
• T2100 : The T2100 model is designed for the resistance

• EMC 2004/108/CE Directive
• 16th edition
• EN50522
• IEC/EN 61010-032
• IEC/EN 61010-1
• IEC/EN61187
• IEC/EN61557-1
• IEC/EN61557-2
• IEC/EN61557-3
• IEC/EN61557-4
• IEC/EN61557-5
• IEC/EN61557-6
• IEC/EN61557-7
• LVD 2006/95/CE Directive
• VDE 0100

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